Taking the dog for a walk

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What services do you offer and how much is it?

I offer group dog walks, solo walks and puppy/senior dog visits.

Visit the Services page for further details on these options and prices.

How many dogs are walked at once time?

I will walk no more than 6 dogs at once, my preference is 4 dogs.  Groupings are made with breed, age, sex and personalty taken into account.

Will I meet my dog walker?

Of course, we will meet face-to-face to discuss your requirements and get to know your dog. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and find out how things work.

What if i need to cancel?

If you cancel within 24 hours of the walk charges will apply.  We realise plans change and we aim to be flexible and accommodating where possible.

what happens in case of emergency?

We will contact you as quickly as possible and carry out the required action.  If veterinary attention is required we will either go to your named vet or the closest vet - depending on circumstances.  All emergency contact details will be taken at our initial meeting.

What happens if my dog doesn't get on with another dog?

We carefully select our gang, and if there are dogs that don't get along we will notify you and move the dog to a different group.  We work closely with the dogs in order to introduce them and ensure a good blend of characters in each pack.  Your dogs well-being is our top priority.

We want to get a puppy, what service do you offer?

Puppies require a little extra work initially, with which we are very experienced.  We will visit your puppy for toilet breaks, extra food, and start training simple commands - sit, stay, down and start lose-lead and recall training.  As your pup grows we will introduce them to friendly dogs in preparation for joining group walks from 6 months old.

Do you need my dogs inoculation record?

Yes, this information will be required at the initial meeting.  If you have lost your record card we will require confirmation from your Vet that inoculations are up to date, this includes kennel cough. Dogs should also be regularly wormed and checked for fleas and ticks.

If we notice anything wrong or worrying we will notify you immediately. 

Do you offer weekend walks?

Not at the moment, but we hope to build weekend services in if demand is there.