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What comes first - dog walker or dog?

Following a huge amount of research, planning and various meetings, Dean decided to set up Wolf Gang, offering dog walking services across East Lothian and the East of Edinburgh. This is a new venture and start up business, I am hoping that Dean can be one of the lucky few that can turn something he enjoys into his profession.

I thought it would be a great idea to track Wolf Gang's progress in a blog. So this is the first entry, it is my intention to have guest blog writers for specialist subjects (in the main dog focused), but hopefully my own blogs will give Wolf Gang's clients, and and any other interested parties, insight into starting a new business, and hopefully all the highs and not too many lows.

So what comes first, the dog or the dog walker.....I know that Dean likes to be fully prepared for all eventualities, especially in business. So it goes against all his natural instincts when I am hounding him to launch the website and get some clients before the new vehicle is fully ordered with bespoke dog travel comforts, or before the branded clothing has been embroidered. I think if you don't seize the day, your momentum and blind ambition can be quickly forgotten and excitement diminishes. Naturally, he is ensuring that all the necessities and practicalities have been covered off:

  • Insurance

  • Company Incorporation

  • Logo

  • Police and criminal records check

  • Canine first aid course

  • Safe temporary vehicle

  • East Lothian & Edinburgh Council approval

  • Wesbite

  • Social Media

However everything else can be added as we go. Dean has loads of great ideas, and as the business grows we hope to implement many of these - most of them will greatly improve communication and ease of booking but they are also good fun and hopefully entertaining for both dogs and their humans!! I also know that ideas can be great in principle, but when it comes to practice sometimes they just don't work. However, without some canine clients we'll never know.

So as launch night approaches Dean is adding the finishing touches to the client information forms, working out great walking routes that will suit all dogs, as well as looking to order something called a "mutt butt" and a "pooper pouch", both things I never thought I would write in a blog that is available for public consumption!

Something we have noticed is there is nowhere on the world wide web that aggregates all the good dog walks available in our beautiful part of the country - so we will be dedicating a page to Dog Walks in East Lothian. With all the details that dog walkers (both recreational and professional) need - including directions, length of walk, parking, access, costs, waste bins, livestock warnings etc. This has got us to thinking that we want to build a website that not only promotes our business, but also helps our fellow "dog parents" out.

I am off to help Dean come up with some great promotional offers to celebrate the launch, and make some dinner - possibly have a glass of wine, it's a bummer Dean doesn't drink (which is a great quality in a dog walker), but it means one glass for me can easily turn into a bottle.

Wish us luck!! Lx