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Why Sad Dog Films Make Me Mad!!!

I can’t be the only one that cries their eyes out watching stupid, rubbish films about dogs!? The film makers clearly have one target in mind, which is to make their audience cry. As a huge dog fanatic, I am particularly sensitive about animals that have fallen on hard times, and predominantly dog tragedies, I can barely watch a Dog’s Trust advert without some unnecessary blinking, pretending I have dust in my eye.

I remember the first time I watched Marley & Me, I was on a plane back from the States, it was a night flight and I was drinking red wine – the perfect storm for a total blub fest. If you think Marley & Me is bad, the worst of them all is a lesser known film called “Hatchi” ….I dare you to watch that!!

>>Richard Gere + Loyal Dog + Death = Uncontrollable Sobbing!!<<

I think animal linked sadness affects me the most and even since having my daughter, which should have probably changed my outlook, I still rank animal related charities above all others...which I know to many this will be verging on cold and callous, however it's just the way I feel - so, tough; deal with it!

My feelings are clearly reiterated and then underlined when it comes to a selection of very sad dog films that are now banned in my house; All Dogs Go to Heaven, Homeward Bound, Eight Below and Old Yeller all rank in my Top 10 depressing dog films.

Only last week I watched the end of Turner & Hooch with tears in my eyes. Granted it is a pretty lame film but you watch the end of that film and you will shed a solitary tear, especially when you have invested your time in the film, watched a relationship between cop and huge dog blossom into a partnership. It is even worse when you have your own dogs lying at your feet throughout, occasionally looking up when they hear a dog bark or whimper on the TV!! I read on IMDB that they shot two endings to that film – in 1 the dog died, in the other it lived… sadists!!

For years, we have sponsored a kennel at Edinburgh Dog & Cat home in lieu of sending Christmas Cards....I have never ever been to the Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home. I always send Dean & Quinn with a cheque, a few toys that our dogs don't look at anymore, some dog treats and my very best wishes. I don’t think I have the mental resilience or indeed emotional capacity to deal with what I may find, I am a sucker for a sob story and I know that my house is absolutely not big enough to adopt all the dogs!! However the main reason I have never been, well I blame the film makers. I genuinely think that as a direct result of these films, my over active imagination will invent fabricated awful stories for each dog and I would likely have a full on breakdown in the middle of the kennels, I have visions of the police being called to escort me off the premises and then being banned for life!!

If I think too much about losing one of my dogs, I can literally bring myself to tears, however I am a biologist at heart and a realist, therefore on my more “sensible” days I am pragmatic and don’t get myself upset and I am properly level headed in real life dog emergencies. So I can only assume it's not me - I blame filmmakers that play on our emotions with sad music, pitiful acting and amazing animal actors for turning me into a pathetic mess!!

In general I don’t religiously watch Children In Need, Red Nose Day etc – as I don’t need to actively depress myself…but can you imagine if they had a similar Charity Marathon for neglected animals, deary-me, I’d need a week off my work!!