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Customers and Marketing here we come...

So the website is up and running, the Facebook page has been set to public and the cars now have rather fetching logos on them - all is going well in the world of WolfGang Dogs.  It's about now a few customers and some marketing probably wouldn't go amiss!!

So following a nice wee break in the sun we are all set for some new customers whilst we build the business.  

The golden rule of marketing is to give the people what they need, want and can't live we think we have come up with some great ideas and want to give the dog loving public an insight into what WolfGang Dogs is all about, which is in the main:



Walking Dogs

Caring for puppies

Visiting your older dogs

Keeping an eye on poorly dogs

Basically being there for your dog when you need us to be

So what makes us different?? 

We offer a personal service, which can be tailored to both you and your dogs needs at any point in their/your life.   

Flexible and Knowledgable  

We realise there will be times when you just need someone to look in on your dog/puppy to make sure they are comfortable.   We are also available to administer medication or give an extra feed.  As well as our regular offering of the standard walks in our amazing East Lothian countryside.  We also offer detailed walk reports, either be completed by hand and left in your home when your dog is dropped off, or emailed to you at work to keep you updated. 

We also provide maps of the walk your dog has been on, this details the route and the length of walk our dog walker takes.  If you have an energetic dog that loves to run in circles round you, you will know to double the distance our human walks.....

If you request a video or photos from your dogs walk we also have GoPro technology as well as standard iPhone photos and video footage that will give you a great sense of exactly what your dog got up to on it's walk.  Your dog may be a budding camera-dog, taking some great GoPro footage of their pals on a group walk....this will be edited and shared with you. 

So it looks like we are all set and look forward to receiving feedback on our services from our lovely customers and friends!! 

Dean is in full marketing mode with flyers being posted through letter boxes and business cards being sent out as well as just driving around in the cars.....

So we look forward to making new K9 friends over the next few weeks, and introducing our monthly dog themed guest blog and telling you all about how things are going very soon!!